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My goal when teaching children is to create life-long lovers of music. Sign your child up for a Piano Adventure today!

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My First Piano Adventures for the Young Beginner

This series is best to start at ages 4 - 6, and is aimed at

pre-readers. Students learn technique through playful games, chants, and songs. The series includes a lesson book, an activity book, and a sticker book as well as a free app, the Piano Adventures Player. The app has professional play-alongs for all of the books in the Piano Adventures series. The songs are in multiple genres include classical orchestral, jazz, pop, and more! 

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Other Info:

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I supplement the Piano Adventures materials with songs and exercises that have proven to work with my current and past students. Young children learn through play, and this is why I also add other activities. If your child is interested in playing the recorder or the ukulele, for example, I will work that into the curriculum. I also recommend that families add a set of Boomwhackers to their at-home music collection.

The fun doesn't stop here! After your child completes the three lesson books in My First Piano Adventures for the Young Beginner they are ready to start the Basic Piano Adventures for ages 7 - 11!

Click here to sign your child up for a trial lesson!

All ages are accepted for beginner piano lessons. If you or your child are interested in starting at age 12 or above please do not hesitate to contact me. The perfect piano curriculum is out there for you too!

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