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Private & Group Music Lessons


My #1 goal with my students is to HAVE FUN!

A wise man once told me that making music should be fun, "and playing really well is lots of fun." This is so true! First, you have to *want* to practice the instrument. Then, as you get better and better, the reward is in playing music you love, and playing it really well!


For children, my lessons include lots of games, and stickers, and a variety of activities outside of playing the instrument in a traditional way. For teens & adults, this means choosing music you love to play. Whether that means a certain artist, style, genre, or song, you will always be playing some music of your choice.

How young is too young for music lessons?


That depends on the student and the instrument. In general, it is recommended to start piano or recorder/Blockflöte around age 5. Saxophone lessons can be started around age 10. If you are looking for an intermediate instrument (not a recorder, but not yet a saxophone) ask me about the Nuvo jSax for ages 5+.

For more detailed information on this please contact me via email.

How old is too old?


You are never too old to learn a musical instrument! I have enjoyed teaching lessons to students in their 60s, 70s, and even 80s. If you have breathing problems, arthritis, or other health issues that are preventing you from taking music lessons, please contact me to discuss your musical options. I promise you that you do have options!

Do you or your child have a physical or learning disability?


I have experience working with students with ADHD and autism and I am happy to adapt lessons to fit the needs of any interested student.

Contact me today and don't miss another moment of music making!

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