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Welcome to Junior Saxophone Camp, where the magic of music meets the wonders of creativity and science! Young music enthusiasts embark on an immersive journey exploring the C Major scale on the JSax, diving into the depths of music theory, and uncovering the rich tapestry of music history.

Each camper will learn:
- basic music notation (quarter notes, half notes, whole notes & rests)
- the notes in the C Major scale (C D E F G A B C)
- about famous composers from the past a
nd present (including Mozart, Beethoven, Hildegard of Bingen and more!)
- some important pieces (including Carnival of the Animals, Swan Lake, The Magic Flute and more!)

Each camper will receive:
- a JSax (to keep!) in their colors of choice (black or white with blue, green or pink trim)
- a music book
- a set of egg s
- a set of wrist bells
- a kazoo!- a curated playlist for this camp

Every day the campers will:
- play their new JSax
- learn about a famous composer
- learn an important piece of music
- create a DIY instrument to take home that day
- do a music craft- learn about the science of sound (in a super fun way!)
- play a music game
- have a snack

- make new friends!

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